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  • Units at Giebelstadt

    This is the section for the main units which were operational at Giebelstadt Air Base between 1950 and 1968. We offer detail pertaining to the 603rd AC&W Squadron; the U-2 Detachment; and the 602nd AC&W Squadron. You will find a number of options in this area such as photos, area maps, and historical detail. Not all the detail is complete. If you have information that can fill in the gaps please consider contributing to this site.

Making Contact

  • Giebelstadt Guestbook

    If this is your first time visiting this site or if you haven't yet done so please leave your comments on our Guestbook. Include your e-mail address so that others may contact you. You will find older entries archived by month.

  • Giebelstadt Message Areas

    This is the place to contact those that you served with and to initiate an exchange of memories, information and "what-ever-happened-to" exchanges with others that served at Giebelstadt Air Base. There is a General message area as well as a "Lost and Found" message area.

  • Giebelstadt Database

    Have you ever wondered where all the people you served with at Giebelstadt are at today? This section contains a listing of personnel who were assigned to Giebelstadt between 1950 and 1968, and who have checked in with our web site and requested to have their career detail added to this list.

  • Update your E-Mail address

    Have you changed your E-Mail address lately? If so, please advise us of your current E-Mail address so that we can maintain an accurate database on the web site. NOTE - This feature is intended for those who have their career detail in our database. If you are not listed in our database, please select the database option and provide the detail as requested.

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