Holberg, BC

1977 Reg Richardson Retirement - Curt Usherwood

When M/Cpl Reg Richardson retired in 1977 I was asked to speak at his Mess Dinner. I couldn't make it from Barrington but I phoned a few hours before the event to offer my best wishes. Reg wasn't home but I talked to Madge, his wife, and hoped she would enjoy the evening. She told me she hadn't been invited.

Shocked and mad, as soon as I hung up I phoned back and got a hold of the PMC of the Airmen's Club and told him what I thought of Madge sitting home alone while her husband was honoured and that he should phone the CO and tell him that there was another guest at the head table, then call Madge etc etc.

About five hours later I was awakened by a phone call from a very noisy Airmen's Club. Madge, Reg and others saying what a wonderful dinner I had missed.

They never knew I had called to make it happen.

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