Holberg, BC

1974 Truck Exchange at Cape Scott - Curt Usherwood

In 1995, just south of the lighthouse, about 1/2 km, I saw a trashed pick-up truck. The first time I saw this truck was in 1974 when the Coast Guard asked me to be a landing guide to sling it from Holberg to Cape Scott. The helipad there is raised so they wanted to land at Guise Bay and then drive the truck to the lighthouse - which was possible at that time. On completion of bringing in the new tuck, we were to "sling" the old truck out. The old truck had about 3,000 miles on it but it was rusted worse than anything I had ever seen.

At that time, a young couple "Pat and Mike" lived in one of the RCAF buildings at the east end of Guise Bay where they had a garden and a quiet life. We knew them pretty well and sometimes they stayed with us when they came in to Holberg for supplies and mail. When we ferried the trucks, I got a bunch of fruit and vegetables for them as I knew they would show up for the excitement. It was a big surprise for them.

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