Kamloops, BC

1963 – Monthly Record – National Archives of Canada


Monthly Record of Activities
RCAF Station Kamloops, BC
1 Jan 63 to 31 May 63

1 Jan 63

The temperature in Kamloops on 1 Jan 63 was 50 degrees above zero. A New Years Levee was held for the Officers of the Rocky Mountain Rangers and Civic Officials at the Officers’ Mess. The following appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"RCAF, RMRs Entertained New Year’s Day

The traditional New Year’s Day levee was held at the Officers’ Mess, at the RCAF base at Mount Lolo yesterday.

Civic and military officials visited the station for the levee which was followed by the levee at the Rocky Mountain Rangers mess.

The Lolo station is under command of Wing Commander Douglas Biden and the Rocky Mountain Rangers are under the command of Major Doug Hanbury.

Officers of the Mount Lolo station visited the RMR levee which was held from 3 to 5 p.m. The RCAF levee was held from 1 to 3 p.m."

2 Jan 63

Live Exercise. Right Cross I.

4 Jan 63

Swift Kick 2. No Recall.

6 Jan 63

F/L JK Dumont proceeded to Station Rivers for an Eight Week Basic Helicopter Course.

7 Jan 63

S/L FD Avent, CO Designate for the Puntzi Mountain Station arrived for a 2 week familiarization tour.

9 Jan 63

Radar SAGE peaking commenced.

11 Jan 63

Temperature 26 degrees above. Skies clear.

14 Jan 63

F/L AW Stewart, FS W Wylie and Cpl. AD Sanders proceeded to Larson Air Force Base for a 5 day Disaster Control Course. The following appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Air Cadet Squadron Moves Into Its New Headquarters

This week was a ‘big one’ for the 204 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets at their regular parade at which 40 parents were in attendance.

It marked the opening of the new Air Cadet headquarters on River Street, Kamloops, visitors to the affair being welcomed by the squadron OC, F/L Peter Finn, who explained the operation of the group and future plans to those present.

Present at the parade were 78 cadets, seven officers and five civilian instructors who inspected the new quarters. Also present were Alderman Tony Andrew, Al Smith, chairmen of the Lions cadet committee, Superintendent JB Harris of the RCMP and S/Sgt G Simons, NCO of the Kamloops Sub-Division, RCMP.

A brief but interesting talk was given by W/C DL Biden, OC of Kamloops Air Station, RCAF, on air defence and SAGE, after which F/O Close of the RCAF detailed this operation and showed a film in this connection.

Squadron officers and the Mother’s Auxiliary served refreshments to the visitors."

16 Jan 63

Live Exercise – Playmate 9. No fighters. The following appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Violas Bloom on Mt. Lolo

The RCAF Station on Mt. Lolo, 12 miles northeast of Kamloops, and at the 3,000 foot level, has a unique claim to fame.

There, amidst the snow and sub-freezing temperatures, are blooming a patch of purple-hued violas, flower which looks a little like a pansy only smaller and a little like a violet only bigger – scientific names not-withstanding.

F/L W Short, an officer at the base, phoned The Daily Sentinel to break the news which it was remarked later, in no way is a harbinger of spring.

However, flowers of such delicate nature blooming January, are a perfect piece of intelligence for the local Board of Trade."

20 Jan 63

All Mode I SAGE lines and on-base communication completed.

21 Jan 63

GATR SAGE peaking commenced.

21 Jan 63

Lt. R Davidson, Command Postal Officer from Edmonton carried out a unit postal inspection. Reported all aspects to be satisfactory.

22 Jan 63

Lt. Col. Hicks and a party from 4602 Support Squadron, USAF Ottawa, visited for the hand-over of the Ops Power Plant.

25 Jan 63

The Station Basketball Team journeyed to Sea Island for a Round-Robin tournament with Station Sea Island and Station Comox. They managed a tie with Station Sea Island. The Station Badminton team journeyed to Comox for the Tri-Service tournament. Mode III. Live Exercise. No fighters.

30 Jan 63

W/C DE Biden brought home the trophy emblematic of singles supremacy in the Badminton Tri-Service meet held in Comox. W/C CA Brunger (SORS ADC) arrived to discuss Blue Suit Maintenance Plan. The temperature today – 25 degrees below zero. The Unit held a "Tin Can" bonspiel on the pond back of the Trailer Park. A total of ten teams was entered and all had a cool but joyous afternoon. The following appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Air Force Has Unique Spiel

Several members of the RCAF stationed at Mount Lolo found curling can be a lot of fun even if you don’t have any granite.

Using anti-freeze cans filled with cement for curling rocks and a pond near the station for a rink, the men participated in a "Tin Can" Bonspiel earlier this week and found they had enough entries for three event. Overcoming the sub-zero temperatures with hot dogs and coffee, they played three draws and three rinks emerged the winners.

A rink skipped by Bob Purcell, including Doug Sanders, John Chisholm, and Ken Foord won the A event, while Ken Paisley’s rink composed of Keith Lopes, Ted Wilson and George Slaunwhite captured the B event, and Ace Thibeault’s rink with Mike Lashchyshyn and Pat Brady too the C event."

31 Jan 63

ADC SOCE team consisting of WO1’s MacDougall and Andrews, WO2’s Patrick and Jansen visited and carried out a CE Inspection. The Search and Rescue Team were on Standby for the Royal Flight Passage. The following appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel regarding the weather in January:


Weather in Kamloops during the month of January this year wasn’t very different from that of a year ago according to weather statistics now prepared for the Daily Sentinel from Fulton Field Meteorological Station.

The figures for this year appear below with last year’s January figures in brackets:

Mean maximum temperature 24.4 (26.7)
Mean minimum 8.5 (12.1)
Monthly mean 16.4 (19.4)
Highest temperature 53 on Jan 1 (49 on Jan 28)
Lowest temperature –15 on Jan 31 (-22 on Jan 20)
Rainfall, trace (.02)
Snowfall 9.7 inches (20.7 inches)
Total liquid precipitation .97 inches (2.09 inches)
Number of days of measurable precipitation 6 (6)
Depth of snow on ground at end of month 8 inches (4 inches)
Sunshine 73.5 hours (59.4 hours)
Wind 4438 (5056 miles)

Meanwhile the cold weather continues into February with a predicted low tonight of five below zero for Kamloops and a high tomorrow of 10 above.

Some cloud cover has drifted over the immediate area but this morning a well defined arch was over the city as warmer winds hit the cold air at high altitude.

Snow flurries are predicted for Saturday evening."

1 Feb 63

Monitored the Royal Flight Passage. Mode III Exercise. No fighters.

4 Feb 63

ADCHQ TAC Evaluation Team consisting of W/C SC Tugwell, S/L HA Pattinson, F/L’s DS Miller, JH Cline, J Young and RJ Dunn, visited to carry out a unit evaluation. The unit received an overall rating of 78%.

5 Feb 63

Desk Top V. NORAD Synthetic Exercise.

6 Feb 63

GATR SAGE peaking completed. Local Exercise for visiting Team.

7 Feb 63

Region Live Exercise. Right Cross 2.

8 Feb 63

Mode III Exercise. No fighters. The Officers’ Mess held a Mess Dinner to which the Officers of the Rocky Mountain Rangers (Militia) were invited.

11 Feb 63

An Armament Inspection Team of Sgt. RC Whiskin and LAC HC Stennett from Cold Lake arrived. Only minor problem areas were reported.

15 Feb 63

Mode III Exercise.

20 Feb 63

Exercise Playmate 10.

21 Feb 63

Ex Saga 6. No Notice.

22 Feb 63

F/L Myron Filyk was presented with the CD Decoration.

23 Feb 63

The following appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Copter Lands Above the Fog

Fog over the Kamloops Valley prevented an Okanagan Helicopter craft landing at Fulton Field Airport, so it chose a landing spot on Mt. Lolo.

The pilot came down on the access road between the base of the RCAF Station Kamloops and the operations station at the top of the mountain, above the fog, just before dusk Thursday."

23 Feb 63

The following article appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Canadian Forces Decoration Presented at RCAF Kamloops

Recognition of long service, good conduct and efficiency has been given Flight Lieutenant Myron Filyk, RCAF Station, Kamloops.

He was presented with the Canadian Forces decoration at a parade at the station by Commanding Officer Wing Commander D.E. (Doug) Biden, DFC, CD. The parade commander was Flight-Lieutenant Donald Hawke, CD.

F/L Filyk, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Filyk of Sceptre, Sask., enlisted in the RCAF in 1950. He was commissioned as a pilot in 1951 and served as a gunnery instructor at a pilot weapons school, and then with the 422 Fighter Squadron in Germany flying F-86 Sabres. Later he was attached to the German Air Force on special duty for two years. In 1959 he became a radar controller, and has served in that capacity on the Pinetree radar chain since that time.

He is operations officer at the 56th AC & W Squadron at Kamloops.

F/L Filyk is a sports car enthusiast and has won several sports car events in Eastern Canada. As well as being an avid racing fan he is a member of the Kamloops Golf and Country Club, the Royal Canadian Legion and the Kamloops Gyro Club.

He and Mrs. Filyk reside at 2538 Marsh Road in Valleyview."

25 Feb 63

The following two articles appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"RCAF Personnel Vote On April 1

Personnel at RCAF Station Kamloops will join with the rest of Canada in the April 8 federal election – but a week earlier.

In accordance with regulations governing voters serving in Canada’s Armed Forces, the RCAF members will begin voting on April 1 and continue on to Saturday, April 6, inclusive.

Voting is governed by what is known as a statement of ordinary residence, a document prepared on the enlistment. This means an airman for instance may qualify to vote at one of three places, the address of his next-of-kin, his place of employment, or the place where he was living prior to enlistment.

Once he has indicated on the original document where he wishes to qualify for voting, no changes in it are permitted except in January or February, when he can, upon application to the right authority, make the change.

In the case of RCAF Station Kamloops, as in other defence establishments, the ballots cast during the week are mailed to the Area Returning Officer, in this case at Edmonton.

The day after the election, ballots are counted and recorded and the results are forward to the Chief Returning Officer at Ottawa and to the home constituency."

"RCAF Sergeant, Formerly In RAF, Receives Decoration

Sergeant Norman Hughes was presented with the Canadian Forces decoration at a parade held at RCAF Station Kamloops.

The presentation was made by the Commanding Officer; Wing Commander DE Biden DFC CD and is given for long efficient services.

Sgt. Hughes is originally from the Isle of Man, England. He served with the Royal Air Force from 1939 to 1946 as a cook and in 1949 joined the RCAF in the same trade. Since then he has been stationed in Manitoba, Germany, and North Bay, Ontario. He is presently in charge of the messing facilities at the Kamloops radar station. He is married to the former Anna-Mae Elliot of Carbury, Manitoba. They reside with their son and daughter, at the RCAF Station trailer park."

1 Mar 63

Mode III. Live Exercise.

2 Mar 63

The RMR Young Soldier Course under the Command of Lt. G Gamble paid a visit to the unit. The following article appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Young Soldiers Visit RCAF

Approximately 24 Young Soldiers of the Rocky Mountain Rangers were given a tour of the Operation Site at the Mt. Lolo radar station. The group, under the command of Lieut. George Gamble was shown the role of radar in air defence, as well as a brief description of the various installations on the site. Flight Lieutenant Myron Filyk representing the Commanding Officer of Station Kamloops; was the conducting officer and was assisted by F/L J.K. Dumont and F/O H.G. Meinert. F/L Filyk welcomed Lt. Gamble and Cpl. Steve Edgar, Cpl. Ted Strachan and Cpl. Dave Farquharson."

3 Mar 63

GATR SAGE testing completed.

4 Mar 63

F/L RW (Bob) Tate reported to this unit from 1 Air Division. S/L RL Phillips and Cpl. WD Stroud from Station Calgary carried out the Annual M & I Audit. They reported that the sections were very well handled.

7 Mar 63

F/L WD Hawke, F/L RWC Tate, F/L GW Niles and F/O AD Close proceeded to Larson Air Force Base and Othello AFB, Washington, for a two-day briefing on SAGE.

8 Mar 63

Personnel from the Station attended the Blood Donor Clinic in Kamloops. The following appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"RCAF Personnel Boost Blood Supply

A contingent of 15 airmen from RCAF Station Kamloops visited the blood clinic in the Elks Hall on Thursday afternoon to boost the total donations for the Kamloops area. Other airmen visited the clinic at various times. Registering at the desk prior to giving blood were Sgt. Ed Jerowsky and LAC Dick Walters, while Mrs. VR Cates and Mrs. JM Edworthy recorded the information."

12 – 13 Mar 63

The Air Officer Commanding of Air Defence Command visited on a familiarization tour. The Party consisted of:

G/C HK Hollingsworth STSO ADCHQ
G/C TJ Powell Reg. Surgeon Que. Region
S/C JW Rogers Reg. Surgeon BC Area
F/L WF Thorne Exec Asst to AOC
G/C AR Sinclair Comptroller ADCHQ

The following article appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel.

"AOC Visits Kamloops

Arriving at Fulton Field for a one day familiarization visit of RCAF Station Kamloops Tuesday was A/V/M MM Hendrick, OBE, CD, Air Officer Commanding Air Defence Command and five other staff officers.

The group was welcomed by W/C Doug Biden Commanding Officer of RCAF Station Kamloops.

The visit to Kamloops is part of a western Canada familiarization tour of air defence command installations. The group has already visited Comox, Holberg, and Puntzi Mountain stations.

Members accompanying A/V/M Hendrick are: G/C HK Hollinsworth, senior technician staff officer ADCHQ, GC TJ Powell, regional surgeon, Quebec region; S/C Rogers, regional surgeon for BC Area, stationed with RCN at Esquimalt; F/L WF Thorne, executive assistant to the Air Officer Commander and G/C AR Sinclair, comptroller ADCHQ.

A reception was held for the visitors in the officers mess on Tuesday evening.

A/V/M Hendrick took over his present position in September. Previous to this he was chairman of Canadian joint staffs Washington. His home town is Toronto.

His main role during World War II was in telecommunications, but he is also qualified pilot."

13 Mar 63

Live Exercise. Playmate II.

15 Mar 63

Mode III Exercise. Right Cross 10.

18 Mar 63

The following appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Posting to RCAF Kamloops Like Coming Home for Officer

Flight Lieutenant RW ‘Bob’ Tate has been transferred to RCAF Station Kamloops from 1 Air Division Headquarters, Metz, France.

He is the son of Commander and Mrs. RW Tate of Victoria, and has spent a number of years in the Vernon-Salmon Arm area.

F/L Tate attended high school in Vernon and Kelowna and also worked in the Kelowna branch of the Bank of Montreal. He enlisted in the RCAF in Calgary in 1942 and graduated from gunnery school at MacDonald, Man. as a Sergeant later that same year. He remained at MacDonald for two years as an instructor until he was commissioned (in 1944) and sent to England to serve on Halifax bombers until the end of hostilities.

In October 1945 he returned to his job in the Kelowna bank but subsequently left there to work with federal department of fisheries and the BC Game Department.

In 1952 ‘Bob’ re-enlisted in the RCAF and received his commission. At this time the Pinetree Radar Line was being readied for operational use and so he was trained as a radar controller and served at Foymount, Ontario; Mont Apica and Senneterre PQ; and Comox. In 1957 he was promoted to the rank of Flight Lieutenant and in 1959 was transferred to 1 Air Division in Europe where he remained until his transfer to Kamloops.

F/L Tate is married to the former Daphne Meek of Salmon Arm. They have three children, Elizabeth, Jeryl and Derek, and live at 568 Sidney Ave, North Kamloops.

‘Bob’ is an ardent hunter and fisherman and has stated that he is very pleased to be back in his home territory. He plans to spend many weekends at his home at Squilax on the Shuswap."

19 Mar 63

The following appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Franklin Wins City Loop Title

Franklins won the City League basketball championships series last night with an eleven-point edge in the last half of play, over a stubbornly determined RCAF crew.

They took the best-of-three series two games straight.

RCAF’s Bob Purcell piled up a sensational 33 points, 19 of them in the first half, but it was not enough to offset the combined efforts of the equally competitive Franklin squad.

Tied 30-30 at half-time, Franklins gradually pulled away from their opponents as Jack Fowles notched fifteen points in the latter half and John Glowacki added 13 for the winners. The high scoring pair managed 26 and 17 points respectively for their night’s work, while Jim Graf added another 15 points for the victorious team.

Ace Thiebeault added 20 points for the losers."

19 Mar 63

The following appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"High-Scoring Franklins’ forward Jack Fowles (holding the ball) is halted by RCAF top marksman, Bob Purcell, right, during the final game of city league basketball championship at the KAA Hall last night. Fowles broke loose to notch 26 points in pacing Franklins to their second win in a row over the Mt. Lolo crew, and the title. Helping checking Purcell at left is Jim Graf."

20 Mar 63

The station played host to a Sportsmans’ Dinner and Stag. Representatives from all the local sports organizations were invited. The following appeared in the Kamloops Sentinel:


Sportsmen of Kamloops and district attended a banquet at RCAF Station Kamloops this week and were treated to an entertaining evening of films and social activities.

The special evening was opened by Wing Commander Doug Biden, DFC, CD, Commanding Officer, who gave a short welcoming address.

The supper was buffet style, and followed by two films; one on the Olympic Peninsula Elk, and another on the Cleveland Browns football team.

A door prize of a set of golf club covers donated by a local firm was won by HS Penfold, a civilian employee at the station."

20 Mar 63

W/C RD Sloat, CO Station Baldy Hughes, visited this station on a 2 day familiarization tour.

22 Mar 63

Mode III Exercise. Right Cross II. The following appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"The presentation of the BC finals of the Dominion Drama Festival in Kamloops keeps everyone connected with the show on their toes in seeing to preparations, and last minute rehearsal of lines. Prior to the showing of "A Taste of Honey" on Thursday, new arrangements for the seating of Adjudicator Esse W. Ljungh were discussed. Pictured below is LAC Curtis Lopes from RCAF Kamloops and Lucille Taylor who are ready for their stage appearance."

28 – 29 Mar 63

Love Exercise. Right Cross 12.

29 Mar 63

F/L MG Abbott departed on temporary duty for approximately three and a half months to Station Armstrong.

5 Apr 63

The following appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Search-Rescue Operations Demonstrated at RCAF Station

"Rescue" is a little word but it can mean an extremely large operation involving upward of 50 persons, many machine hours and hundreds of man hours.

Several aircraft, helicopters, four-wheel drive vehicles and special portable equipment may be used in the search and rescue of a single person.

A short telephone call to RCMP or a brief radio message to Air Force rescue control centre in Vancouver can mean organization of an air-ground search with planes airborne and men heading out into the bush within the hour.

In the Kamloops district search and rescue operations are controlled by RCMP Superintendent JB Harris. On many occasions, the superintendent will call on the 10-man Air Force rescue team at RCAF Station Kamloops at Mount Lolo.

A rescue session was held at the air force station Wednesday morning when the base was visited by a large search and rescue helicopter from the coast. The home based search team was given a demonstration on how to lift people from the ground to the helicopter by using a hoist and cable-sling attached to the aircraft.

Later a lecture was given by Flight Lieut. RD MacKelvie of the rescue control centre in Vancouver. RCMP Superintendent Harris attended the talk and discussed co-ordinating search activities between police and military teams.

It was pointed out the country around the Thompson River area is extremely rugged and a "bad place to be lost or injured".

The fact was stressed that people going into the bush should carry with them a few basic essentials.

"Just a few ounces of supplies could mean the difference between life and death", said a member of the RCAF rescue team.

The hunter or camper going into the woods should carry a map and compass, matches, a knife, candies or raisins, fish hooks and a length of line and a piece of candle.

Sgt. RN Crawford, leader of the search team, said, "A box of raisins could keep a person going for days. And a piece of candle is best for lighting a fire. If wood is wet you could use up all your matches and not get a fire going; a candle saves the matches."


"About the worst thing a person can do when they know they are lost, is to travel," said Sgt. Crawford. "The best thing to do is to stay in one place and attempt to keep warm and dry."

"There was a case not long ago where a man was lost one day and a night and he died. He tried to travel, exhausted himself and died of exposure. Yet that couple was lost in the Yukon for 48 days and they survived. They lived because they didn’t move but kept reasonable warm and dry in one place."

Advice was given that a person going into the bush should notify someone of the approximate area where he is going and when he expects to return."

"If this information is known," said the rescue leader, "then we have an idea where to begin a search."

Members of police and air force rescue teams are all volunteers and all are outdoor people who are "at home in the bush". They take first aid courses and attend mountaineering courses. The volunteers receive classes on search operations and learn to work with special equipment and aircraft.

Some of the equipment includes stretchers, first aid kits, snowshoes, snow sleds, tents, blankets, ropes, two-way radios, special clothing, cooking gear and flares.

Members of the rescue squad at the Mount Lolo station under Sgt. Crawford are Flight Sgt. PH Foisy, Sgt. GJ Gillen Cpl. Ray Staples, LAC JC Joynson, Cpl. A Jorgenson, LAC DL Dounsbury, Cpl. EL Jones, LAC JC Doucette, Flight Lieut. M Abbott and LAC GA Wilkinson.

Four of the members, F/L Abbott, Sgt. Crawford, Cpl. Staples and LAC Joynson have taken a special leaders course in search and rescue."

F/L John Maxwell departed for Station Fox (DEW Line).

6 Apr 63

An Officers’ Dining-In Night was held in honour of the departing officers: F/L WD Hawke, F/L SE Husband, F/L JJH Maxwell

12 Apr 63

Mode III Exercise.

13 Apr 63

The following appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Officers’ Wives Honored

Members of the Officers Wives Club of the RCAF Station Kamloops, who with their husbands will leave shortly for new postings, were entertained at a luncheon on Tuesday. Shown with Mrs. DE Biden, right, wife of Wing Commander Biden; are, from the left Mrs. ES Husband, who with F/L Husband will be going to Great Falls, Montana; Mrs. WE Hawke, who will accompany F/L Hawke to Duluth Minnesota; and Mrs. JH Maxwell, who will reside in Chemainus while F/L Maxwell serves at Fox on the DEW Line."

15 Apr 63

F/L RA Purcell, SCEO of this station, departed for Centralia on a ten-week Tech CE Officers’ Course.

1 May 63

Station Kamloops became a SAGE unit today as the unit was tied into the Spokane NORAD Sector (SAGE). Unit commenced SAGE operation into Spokane. Unit assumed maintenance of AN/FST-2. Telecommunications section re-organized with:

Chief Telecommunications Officer (CTO) ex CTSO – F/L Stewart
SAGE Radar Officer ex STelO – F/O Hermanson
SAGE Comm Officer ex SRadO – F/O Close
Technical Admin Officer – WO2 Zimmer

2 May 63

F/L EJ Wallman reported in from Station Cold Lake for Controller duties.

3 May 63

W/C DE Biden was the speaker at a Kamloops Rotary Club meeting. The following appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Laser Beams Said Significant Development of Modern Age

The commanding officer of Mt. Lolo RCAF station, Wing Commander Doug Biden, told the Kamloops Rotary Club Monday that laser beams are one of the most important development of this age.

He said laser beam stands for light amplification stimulated emission radiation. He said the beam could be used for many things, economic as well as military.

"Over 100 million telephone calls could be transmitted at one time using a laser beam," he said. "It could also be used for tracking missiles, space communication during re-entry of rockets and fire control as well as countless other items," he said.

The beam can travel 186,000 miles per second and with a controlled temperature of 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit could also be put to good medical use destroying dead skin tissue.

He said a ‘ruby’ is used with the laser beam sometimes because the ruby is the only priceless stone that can be synthetically manufactured to any size.

"I know of no device with more potential in the future than the laser beam," he said.

Wing Commander Biden was introduced by Rotarian Cy Phillips and thanked by Rotarian Sandy Hay.

Gerry Hutchinson was the guest of Rotarian Tom Butter and Phil Knowles was the guest of Rotarian George Hay."

4 May 63

The following appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Officers Are Transferred

Leaving Kamloops next week after serving at RCAF Station Kamloops since January 1962 are F/L Don Hawke and F/L Joe Husband. During his service at Mt. Lolo F/L Hawke has been Chief Operations Officer and F/L Husband has been Standards Officer in the operations centre. F/L Hawke has been transferred to Duluth, Minn., where he will work on the NORAD SAGE Centre, and F/L Husband will have similar service at Great Falls, Montana."

6 May 63

Commissioned Officer Wilson of Regional Surgeon Pacific Coast Esquimalt arrived and carried out Hygiene and Sanitation Inspection.

7 May 63

Organizers of the Kamloops Senior Men’s’ Softball League announced the schedule for the five-team league today. The RCAF Flyers first game will be against Plaza. Western Electric team from New York arrived to investigate errors in range calibration as a result of a change to test methods.

13 May 63

F/L J Patterson, PRO, 5 Air Div, called on a familiarization visit. He met with local Kamloops news medial and discussed forthcoming events – notably the Golden Hawks visit.

16 May 63

F/L SE Husband departed on transfer to Great Falls NORAD Sector.

17 – 18 May 63

S/L E McCaffery, ADC SO FSvO, arrived to carry out the annual Food Services Inspection.