Kamloops, BC

1958 - Historical Record - Anonymous



of the

825th AC&W Squadron

for the period ending

31 March 1958


1 Unit and Location

825th AC&W Squadron, Kamloops, BC, Canada

2 Name and grade of Commander

Ralph F. Gerdes, Captain

3 Chain of Command (Superior Echelons)

825th AC&W Squadron, Kamloops, BC, Canada
25th Air Division (Defense), McChord Air Force Base, Washington
Western Air Defense Force, Hamilton Air Force Base, California
Air Defense Command, Ent Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Headquarters, United States Air Force, Washington 25, DC

4 Subordinate Units (Down to and including squadrons)

Not Applicable

5 Mission (Give authority and brief statement of primary mission)

Reference message /Confidential/ from WDCBA 7C 1670, dated 4 September 1957. This message directed a caretaker status for the Squadron until operational date of Fiscal year 2/59.

6 Personnel

Officers Airmen Civilians Total
Assigned 3 10 10 23
Attached 0 0 0 0

7 Equipment (Give official nomenclature and quantity of mission-type equipment)

Not applicable


January found most of the personnel dug in to combat the severe winters typical of this geographic location. Roads and equipment were icy and slippery. The road to the operations area was kept open most of the time in order to gather information pertaining to snow removal, adverse weather effects, and cold weather operation. The decision to leave the operations area unheated during the winter months saved the Air Force approximately four thousand dollars in wages and an additional ten thousand dollars in operating expenses. No damage to the buildings and flooring was discernable.

Installations, though hampered by a lack of personnel, utilized this slack period to further their preventative maintenance program. Considerable time and effort was expended on care and maintenance of heavy equipment used for snow removal. Initial stocks were requested and procured, along with suitable storage bins.

The motor pool concentrated on setting up shop. Work benches, grease racks, and equipment was installed and made useable. More vehicles and necessary tools arrived and were unpickled and readied, with much emphasis on winterization.

Supply, far removed from dormancy, was busy posting their unit property records, issuing and locating property throughout the base, and setting up service stocks for the motor pool. A large percentage of the local purchase items were processed. This included some fifteen hundred line items. Supply catalogues and a complete reference library was established.

Personnel and administration were kept busy with publications requisitions and general everyday administrative procedures. Mid-February saw Captain Gerdes leave on TDY to Neah Bay, Washington to assume command of the 758th AC&W Squadron for a period of sixty days. Captain Frederick Corning, Jr. Took over the 825th. The First Sergeant was given the responsibility of cleaning and preparing all buildings for occupancy. Many gallons of cleaning and shining materials were expended, which resulted in a spic and span appearance which received many comments by visiting Officers and Distinguished Guests.

Communications, Radar Maintenance, and operations were dormant. Their efforts were largely expended toward setting up publications files, procuring necessary technical orders and programming for initial and subsequent C&E installation.

No messing or quarters were available because of the few people assigned. This again saved the Air Force considerable funds as well as releasing our few people for work in other more important areas.

Morale was high and military discipline and courtesy which, inclined to be lax because of the closeness of a few people, was strictly upheld.

Staff visitors, both from Detachment #1, Ottawa, and 25th Air Division, were well pleased with the progress shown. This unit was commended for its progress in that we had accomplished more with thirteen people than other sites with seventy or more assigned.