Holberg, BC

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    Jim Ingram visited the remains of the Holberg "domestic site" in June 2000. His report: "There is not a building standing, not even a foundation remains. The only indication that the station existed are the roads. The first photo was taken in September 1961 - when Jim and his family were stationed in Holberg - and is used as a point of reference with the second photo. Both were taken on the same street, looking in the same direction."

  1. PMQ's and Shop - September 1961.
    Courtesy John Jones.

  2. Upper road in the PMQ area roughly from the same place and looking in the same direction as the September 1961 photo - June 2000.
    Courtesy Jim Ingram.

  3. Cougar Mountain in the background - June 2000.
    Courtesy Jim Ingram.

  4. This picture was the road that passed in front of the "Main Gate" in the early 1960's - June 2000. Cougar Mountain is in the background. The road leading off to the left is to the area that served as Officer's PMQs in the early 1960's.
    Courtesy Jim Ingram.

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Updated: July 13, 2000