Holberg, BC

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  1. 1st place ribbon for Klondike Days - October 1981.
    Courtesy Les Spencer.

  2. Search and Rescue cabin at Crab Island - the site of many crab and prawn feasts - June 1981.
    Courtesy Mike Broxham.

  3. Mr. Lincoln's cabin on the old San Josef trail. Mr. Lincoln used to work for the base, became a recluse, was committed to a home in Port Hardy, and died soon after - June 1981.
    Courtesy Mike Broxham.

  4. Mike Boxhan in typical rain gear used on ground Search and Rescue missions - standing by an unusual burl - June 1981.
    Courtesy Mike Broxham.

  5. Wayne Weirmeir documenting detail in Willie Hecks old cabin at Raft Cove. Note the glass balls on the table and in the window area - February 1981.
    Courtesy Mike Broxham.

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Updated: March 5, 2002