St. Margarets, NB

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  1. Crew hockey team - December 1958.
    Courtesy Lloyd MacDonald.

  2. Remembrance Day parade march past in Chatham NB - 11 November 1958.
    Courtesy Ray Mahar.

  3. Remembrance Day parade in Chatham NB - 11 November 1958.
    Courtesy Ray Mahar.

  4. Recreation Center under construction - November 1958.
    Courtesy Lloyd MacDonald.

  5. Three unidentified airmen standing in front of the Operations Site - November 1958.
    Courtesy Lloyd MacDonald.

  6. Airmen's Mess Dinner - October 1958.
    Courtesy Lloyd MacDonald.

  7. TelOps and TgTechs at St. Margarets - September 1958.
    Back row (L-R) Kant Balser, Burfitt Hobbs, Gregory, Fortin, Smart. Middle row (L-R) Janzen, June Christie, F/L Hanrahan, Cantelope, Preston. Front row (L-R) Richard, Bourgeoise, Dube and McDowell.
    Courtesy Curt Usherwood.

  8. LAW June Christie accepts the not coveted "Order of Four Thumbs" trophy from F/L Hanrahan - August 1958.
    This trophy was awarded for the most errors made in message typing and handling. It was a TelOp ceremony.
    Courtesy Curt Usherwood.

  9. An RCAF helicopter landed at St. Margarets - August 1958.
    Courtesy Lloyd MacDonald.

  10. Aerial photo of Operations Site - July 1958.
    Courtesy Len Arseneau.

  11. An assortment of airmen cluttering up my room - April 1958.
    Back row standing (L-R) Bob Palmer, Arche Barrett, Gary Green. Front row sitting (L-R) Denis Dube, Wayne Brazeau, Jim Norton.
    Courtesy Curt Usherwood.

  12. Unidentified Crew Three Inter-Section winners - March 1958.
    Courtesy Lloyd MacDonald.

  13. Operations Site - January 1958.
    Courtesy Frank Handlen.

  14. Interior photo of Snack Bar - January 1958.
    Courtesy Roy Jennings.

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