St. Margarets, NB

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  1. Belanger - 1972.
    Courtesy Sandy Bowser.

  2. CFR Controller - 1972.
    Courtesy Sandy Bowser.

  3. Joe Lecour - 1972.
    Courtesy Sandy Bowser.

  4. Whitney Bryenton - 1972.
    Courtesy Sandy Bowser.

  5. Opening ceremony for the golf course. L-R Major Bob Ward, Colonel Don Child (Squadron CO) and unknown Colonel (CO of CFB Chatham) - 1972.
    Courtesy Bob Ward.

  6. Awards Ceremony. Colonel Don Child making presentation to unknown airman. Back row 3rd from left is Major Howie Brooks with Major Bob Ward at extreme right - 1972.
    Courtesy Bob Ward.

  7. William Tell Work Ups - 1972.
    (L-R) - Unknown, Carl ?, Ron Blank, Ron Willard, Peter Madsen, George Dowell.
    Courtesy Mary Webb (now Dowell) via Cathy Bertrand.

  8. William Tell Work Ups - 1972.
    (L-R) - Peter Madsen, Ron Willard, Carl Schwab, Ron Blank, Ed Fitzpatrick, Bill McKeigan.
    Courtesy Ron Willard.

  9. Callshot personnel - 1972.
    Back row (L-R) - Ed Fitzpatrick, Bob Brocklebank, Bill McKeigan, Ray Coulson, Len Tocher, Roger Ackles. Third row (L-R) - Unknown, unknown, Carl Schwab, Ron Blank, Peter Madsen, Ron Willard. Second row (L-R) - George Hamel, Al Scott, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown. Front row (L-R) - Dale Stromquist, Blackie Doucette, unknown, John Kiley, Gil Pettigrew.
    Courtesy Ron Willard.

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Updated: February 4, 2005