St. Margarets, NB

1999 - A Visit to St. Margarets Paul Ozorak

Paul Ozorak made a trip to the location where 21 AC&W Squadron, St. Margarets, NB was once located on 18 September 1999. To quote Paul "there isn't much left". It appears that only the PMQ's, the curling rink/golf course building, the Fire Hall and one other unidentified building still remained. Again to quote Paul "No Operations building, no Headquarters building, no Combined Mess, no barracks, no garage, no chapel". A golf course exists there now.

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  1. This building served as the water pumphouse and reservior - September 1999.

  2. Originally constructed as a curling rink and golf club house this building now serves as the "club house" for the golf course - September 1999.

  3. The former Station Fire Hall now serves as a small convenience store and was located on the southern edge of the station - September 1999.

  4. Original PMQ's. Occupied and in good condition - September 1999.

  5. Original PMQ's. Occupied and in good condition - September 1999.

  6. This road leads to the former SITU (Satellite Identification & Tracking Unit) area - September 1999.

  7. This foundation is what remains of Rec Centre, Theatre and Snack Bar - September 1999.

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Updated: April 25, 2000